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Policing research: lethal shifting tides for Middle East Studies post-Arab Spring

OpenDemocracy, 22 November 2018

For those studying the region, Matthew Hedges’s detention hardly came as a surprise. The case exposes the extreme limits on academic freedom in the UAE, but is no isolated incident in light of growing risks for researchers in a post-Arab Spring Middle East.

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Two years ago nationalism sparked major protests in Egypt. Could it happen again?

Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 15 April 2018

Egypt’s President Al-Sissi was reconfirmed in office after a presidential campaign that largely centered on his ability to safeguard national security. His nationalist discourse has largely been understood as an efficient tool to coopt pressure from below. This article contests this unidirectional reading and highlights how Egyptian nationalism may also carry the seeds of popular resistance

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Das Ende des „Arabischen Frühlings“ der Bewegungsforschung

Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen, Vol 31, No 3, 2018

Im Zuge der autoritären Restauration im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika erfährt das Umfeld für sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung dramatische Veränderungen. Vor den Umbrüchen von 2011 waren Wissenschaftler*innen als lästige Einmischung empfunden worden. Mit dieser Toleranzhaltung war es nach dem Intermezzo des „Arabischen Frühlings“ vorbei.

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Unpacking the effects of repression: Anti-Coup protest in Egypt after the fall of Morsi

Social Movement Studies, Vol 17, No 1, 2018

The coup against Morsi sparked a wave of Islamist mobilization in Egypt. This article retraces the contentious dynamics in the summer of 2013 with a focus on contentious repertoires. Debunking the myth of a swift defeat of the anti-coup protests, we show how repression changed the quality of contention. Three transformative events involving massive repressive violence impacted on protest spaces, tactics and timing.

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